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About Us

The Full Story

OANIS is a Greek Trading Company emphasizing in: 

  • Pharmaceutical Products

  • Food Supplements 

  • Cosmetics and

  • Medical Equipment

OANIS works with major manufacturers and suppliers in order to provide top quality products and services.

Our purpose is to build long term, transparent and trusted business relationships with our partners in order to support them by providing high quality, innovative products from trusted manufacturers supporting all our products with scientific evidence.

Our mentality is always to feel the needs of the market and be able to differ from the competition. 

OANIS brings together professionals with significant business, medical, trading and marketing experience in order to increase the value offered.

At OANIS, we believe that through transparency, supportiveness and simplicity, we can do our part to support the health system not only in the MENA region and African Continent but at an international level.

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